Children of the Red King
Midnight for Charlie Bone (2002)
Charlie Bone And The Time Twister (2002)
Charlie Bone And The Invisible Boy (2004)
Charlie Bone And The Castle of Mirrors (2005)
Charlie Bone and The Hidden King (2006)

Box Boys
The Box Boys and the Bonfire Cat (1999)
The Box Boys and the Dog in the Mist (1999)
The Box Boys and the Fairground Ride (1999)
The Box Boys and the Magic Shell (1999)

Delilah and the Dogspell (1991)
Delilah and the Dishwasher Dogs (1993)
Delilah Alone (1995)

Snow Spider
The Snow Spider (1986)
Emlyn’s Moon (1987)
The Chestnut Soldier (1989)
The Snow Spider Trilogy (Omnibus) (1993)

The Bronze Trumpeter (1974)
Ultramarine (1990)
Rainbow and Mr Zed (1992)
Griffins Castle (1994)
The Rinaldi Ring (1999)
Milo’s Wolves (2001)

Illustrated Books
Tatty Apple (1984)
The Red Secret (1989)
Jupiter Boots (1990)
The Stone Mouse (1993)
The Breadwitch (1993)
Wilfred’s Wolf (1994)
Ronnie and the Giant Millipede (1995)
Granny Grimm’s Gruesome Glasses (1995)
The Witch’s Tears (1996)
The Alien on the 99th Floor (1996)
Hot Dog Cool Cat (1997)
Seth and the Strangers (1997)
The Owl Tree (1997)
The Dragon Child (1997)
The Dog Star (1999)
Toby in the Dark (1999)
Ill Will Well Nell (2000)
The Bodygulpa (2001)
Tom and the Pterosaur (2001)
The Night of the Unicorn (2003)
Invisible Vinnie (2003)

Picture Books
The Bears Will Get You (1990)
The Starlight Cloak (1990)
The Witches and the Singing Mice (1993)
Gwion and the Witch (1996)
Esmeralda and the Children Next Door (1999)
The Strongest Girl in the World (2001)
Branwen (2001)
Something Wonderful (2001)


Short Stories
Centuries of Stories
Take Your Knee Off My Heart
The Animals’ Bedtime Story
Your Late Dad


Non Fiction
An interview with Jenny Nimmo